Zara leaves her girlfriend, while Angela and Brad wonder if the same person who killed Troy also killed their Sergeant. It is the funeral of Troy McLeavey and everyone is there, including the ghost of Troy.

EPisode Two

Troy’s body is laid to rest. Angela and Brad meet their new Sergeant, while Kobie wonders who hurt his mother. Dave hires new security, while Justine has an unexpected visitor. Colin and Hayden make an agreement and Nathan’s therapy is stepped up.

Episode Three

Brad wants to end his arrangement with Dave, Angela visits her ex and Hayden names his suspects. Zara gets her cards read by Ursula, Nathan has a new roommate and Brenda tells Justine she can speak to Troy. Colin confronts Oscar and Faye wakes.

Episode Four

Colin and Quintin argue, Colin meets Brenda and Ursula discovers Zara’s occupation. Ryan returns, Angela interviews Faye, Hayden suspects Wesley and it’s family day at the conversion camp.

episode five

Dave and Leeanne have a heart to heart, Hayden talks suspects, Nathan makes a plan and Kobie confronts Oscar. Justine makes a discovery, the police re-search the McLeavey house and Quintin settles a score.

Episode Six

Angela arrives on the scene of Brad’s murder, Colin is questioned by Zara, Hayden visits Justine and Kobie settles a score. Ryan’s new job is revealed, the kids try to escape at the conversion camp and Colin joins his family for a séance.

Episode Seven

In the last two days of his life, Troy McLeavey has uncomfortable encounters with Oscar and Faye, discovers Leeanne’s affair and has a disagreement with Nathan. He also fights with Hayden, reveals a secret about Xavier and catches out Kobie.

Episode Eight

Zara is determined to catch the McLeavey’s, Angela has a breakdown, Hayden hears bad news and Isobel continues her descent into crime. Kobie confesses, Nathan confronts his parents, Leeanne has a difficult choice and Troy McLeavey’s killer is revealed.


 Dave settles a score, Nathan's family discovers his secret, Kobie breaks the law, Angela phones her ex, Hayden worries for his Mum, Ursula sees something in her tarot cards and the McLeavey's prepare for dinner. Meanwhile, the body of student, Troy McLeavey, is found. 


 The McLeavey family learn the devastating news of Troy's death, the police launch their murder investigation, Kobie and his Mum hide evidence, Hayden waits for Troy's call, Oscar worries his secret will be revealed and Nathan and Colin both receive surprise early morning visits. 


 Colin finds evidence, Isobel hides a secret, Hayden hears the truth, Nathan wakes up in an unexpected place, the police turn their focus to Kobie, Viv doesn't trust Oscar, Dave's business ramps up and Justine worries for her husband's mental health. 

Episode Four

Nathan meets his captors, the police search the McLeavey house, Kobie and Oscar meet, Dave threatens Hayden, Isobel discovers a secret and Colin finds out his mother shares his gift. 

Episode Five

 Nathan's parents are questioned as he gets closer to Yardley, Dave steps up business, Hayden is suspicious of Kobie, Isobel breaks the law, Justine becomes frustrated with Colin and Viv receives a visit. 

Episode Six

Troy gives Colin a major clue, Nathan and Yardley's therapy isn't working, Dave discovers the truth, Angela gets even, Hayden follows Kobie, Oscar breaks into Kobie's house and Simon meets the killer.